Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have been doing much better lately with juggling everything, the paid job, the family, the husband, the housework and this week I have even sent some little felt rabbits to Little Sparrow just in time for Easter.

However not getting crossed off my list of things to do has been me time and updating this page. Today I have a plan to do both, as soon as I am done here I am heading off into the city for a princess date. Unfortuantly I am a solo princess, but last time I did this I meet a very interesting woman, Jenny, who recently released a book about Flinders St Station, I hung around and chatted to her for a while. I love hearing historical stories and I especially love listening to someone talking about their passion. I wonder what I will find today.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am not actually having a holiday but a few long weekends, and everyone else being on a break makes for a holiday feel. Christmas was successful and I am pleased to report my first ever Christmas pud and glazed ham both turned out great, although I may have set the table on fire with the flaming brandy, whoops, hopefully no harm done. Boxing day (the day after Christmas) was in the park catching up with friends, lovely and relaxing.

I had a couple more days off after Christmas day so husband and I shot down to Lorne and Apollo Bay for a night. We meet up with a couple of friends working there for the summer season and pitched husbands new Christmas tent in a free camping spot, man the koalas were really noisy. The tourist photos don't suggest their low growling noises, all night! Apparently it is a breeding season thing so I guess someone was getting some. The new torch died as I got out of the tent for middle of the night so I didn't get to see them.Anyway night time drama aside it was great to get out of town for short trip. New Years was back in town, pretty quiet for me until I spent two hours on the road ferrying the first born and her friends home again after an evening out. Another life experience for them- Cabs are not easy to get on New Years Eve:)

Down side of holidays, one of the kids always has the camera and I can't find where they dropped the files either so I sourced all the pics from somewhere else. Beginning to think I 'need' another camera.