Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eye Spy - My Morning Ritual

My day starts sometime into the morning walk with Husband, we fall out of bed into warm clothes and wake up some time along the second block. Evenings are busy and now the teenagers stay up around the time we want to go to bed, the morning is a chance to catch up and breathe out before the day starts.

At the door...... deep breath....... ready? Time to wake up the girls and for me to head to the kitchen to make porridge (smoothies in the summer) and school lunches with, either bread just out of the breadmaker or, a current favourite, buckwheat pancakes.
At this point I would like to sing praises for school uniforms. First born is wearing a uniform for the first time this year and the mornings go so much smoother now she doesn't have to change five times. Breakfast is served and either eaten together or separately depending on who is in the shower, but either way, yesterdays school notices are handed over, last minute requests for cash made, and plans or notifications made for the afternoon/evening events.... Till I bundle them all out the door to the car, trams and trains.
I switch on the coffee machine and breathe, my day begins.......
Edit: I forgot to add Eye Spy is hosted by BugandPop. This week the topic suggested by 3RedButtons

Friday, May 29, 2009

My clever wee sis.

How cute are these guys. My sister has been knitting these wee characters for a while now. They are from "Knit a Fantasy Story" by Jan Messent, Published by Search Press. The book was Mums originally, sis had it, then it was stolen from her car (and the knitting! boo hoo). A couple of her friends tracked the book down for her and off she went again. I love the wee characters and as I am not a knitter myself really admire that she has pretty much taught herself, with the occasional international phone call to Mum for - "how do I fix (fill in the blank)", apparently explaining knitting over the phone is quite tricky.
Sis can't knit at the moment due to an injury but has found "Irresistible gifts to knit" by Alan Dart and is planning to make the hedgehog heading off to bed complete with hottie (hot water bottle) as soon as she is better. I saw the book at Little Sparrow last night. Dart is a very creative designer. Now I will have to learn knitting this year as well....... After the crochet lessons.

A picture

I forgot to put up the picture of Sparkly Green Knickers brooch she made her own self.

Can you tell I'm a bit excited to have someone else make a brooch. I am such a child. tee hee.

Sparkly Green Knickers made her Brooch

Jo of Sparkly Green Knickers has made up the brooch from the kit she won in my recent giveaway. She did a great job and it sure looks bright and sunny for these cooler days (although it has been very mild in Melbourne). I am so happy to hear she found the instructions easy to follow and everything she needed in the kit. Hooray!
The kits are available at Little Sparrow in North Caulfield and Friendship Tree in Northcote. I am heading over to Friendship tree to play today and tomorrow. Feel free to drop in to say Hi , or visit Shelley at Little Sparrow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Water feature

The round-about near our house has a new addition- a water feature. Surely not? Melbourne is on water restrictions. But no it isn't one of the councils mad schemes, it seems a pipe has burst. It is hard to take a good photo but the little bubbling fountain has actually gone down since we first noticed it this morning. Unfortunately I think that is because the road is lifting and letting the water flow out other ways. It's going to be a big job. I am feeling sad. I am really careful with our precious resource. Looking after and appreciating every drop. It is sad to have so much pouring down the drain. I hope the water people get here soon.
I have filled the kettle and a couple of pots but am in the middle of a wet felting frenzy at the moment. (Because it is raining and will take ages to dry- the logic huh?) Now I am expecting the water to be cut off while they fix it. I can't decide if I should start given I may be interrupted. Luckily I still have lots of other things to be getting on with.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wednesday and wearing.... comfy and cute

I think I may even make it (or just about anyway) A www post on a Wednesday!

Today I was busy creating and then teaching a class in the evening. Tidy practical was the order of the day. Luckily I just got given these great pants. They are green with some fantastic embroidery detail, they are elasticated and they are just like tidy trackies. I am a little worried about how much an elastic waistband excites me. I am too young for such thoughts surely? But they are so warm and comfy and cute, I have barely taken them off since I was given them.

To show I haven't completely let myself go I accessorised with jewellery and this great owl brooch Mandy made me, I feel a bit like sleepy owl now, time for bed since Wednesday is over.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another important date for your diary

Melbourne people-Those of you who have been here before might remember me writing about my passion for crafting on the go. Would you like to come and join me for my first blogging crafty train trip? I have set a date and found a cafe to head to.

So my brilliant plan is on the 21st of June (that is the last weekend before the school holidays start) to meet on Platform one at Flinders Street at about 11:20, jump on the 11:35 train out to Hurstbridge. We can craft all the way out and then when we get to Hurstbridge there is a short 5 minute walk down to a groovy wee organic cafe the "Heart and Soul Cafe". When we are full of lunch or coffee and cake, we can craft our way back again. I reckon we should get back into Flinders at about 4.

You can buy a Sunday saver card for just $3:10 and that will allow you train/tram and bus travel all day, a bargain priced venue I reckon.

So if you like to craft with a view and to meet some other crafty/bloggy types then write it in your diary, leave me a comment so I can book a table and gather your portable crafty gear.

I will be at platform one just near the food booth and to make it easy for you to find me I will wear my red coat. I look forward to having a great crafty adventure.


Things are just about all set for my needle felting workshop starting at Little Sparrow this week. I have felting mats, needles and samples ready and wool everywhere. The class is full now and I am looking forward to introducing some lovely people to their new addiction over a cup of tea and cake.

I still have space in my embroidered felt brooch workshop starting on Tuesday the 16th and the 23rd of June from 8:30 - 10pm. $50

Over a cuppa and some homebaking you will get to make your very own brooch from pure wool felt, recycled fabrics and sweet embroidery. All the materials are supplied and plenty of instruction. As a bonus I will give you enough materials to make a second brooch for a friend (or another one for yourself!) Minimum of six for the class to run. Payment must be made in full to secure your booking. Full refund will be made if minimum booking is not achieved.
If you wanna come along simply email me at princesskirstiejane (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you the details.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

WWW All blue and not a bit sad

I know it isn't Wednesday but I won't even bore you with the stories of internet troubles.
On Wednesday I left the house!!!! and found that blue was the theme for the day. On my head I wore a scarf I found in an opshop along time ago and one of my fabric flowers.
I just got a new outlet for these. With some help of my friend Anita and Mandy they are now avaliable at Buana Satu in 'K' Road, Auckland, New Zealand. Hooray. So if you are near there pop in and check out the range. Anyway cute as that is isn't I couldn't leave the house wearing just that so....

I also wore a blue and black dress, one of my wee birds and a lovely necklace made for me by my friend Michelle Stewart for my birthday last year. (aka Princess Michelle)
Michelle lost all her stock and equipment in the Kinglake fires. I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful piece, I already treasured it and now even more so. Michelle is working hard at gathering herself back together again, both with materials and the will to start again. Go and check out her website, she is coming back real soon.

She also teaches classes in Art clay Jewellery, maybe you would like to make some beautiful silver jewellery yourself. This is one of the pieces I made in one of her classes. I think it might have been my second class. The classes are fun and productive and can be held with a group of friends right in your own lounge room.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eye Spy -Green

I am feeling a bit lost now that I have finally recovered from the princess visit and have little between me and the exhibition deadline.

So instead of working towards that, I am going to join BugsandPop and Eye spy: Green.

I haven't left the house yet today so I am selecting from the photo collection....

To me Green is New Zealand. And to prove it here is a couple from there.
Top: Flax and Cabbage tree on Banks Peninsula blowing in the wind, can't you feel how cold it is.

And me sitting with my green hair in my friends very green lawn. I was celebrating my birthday and having a lovely day. We were nearly packed up for the big move so Princess Mandy had us all over at her place.

Since I got here I have discovered there actually is a lot of green, especially in Melbourne (despite the drought) my favorite though is King Parrots. We meet these guys soon after we got here.

Wow look at that, they were only too happy to come and visit and share a meal with us. After all the stress of getting here these guys mark our first holiday break. (that is me and second born)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

help I can't stop

Help I am having one of those weeks and can't stop eating chocolate. I need supervision...... and exercise

This isn't the chocolate I am eating today, but I wish I was.... I shared some at Ganache in South Yarra last week, Oohh yuminess, devine yumminess

Yesterday was Wednesday

I am obviously not going well with the whole deadline concept of Whatcha Wearing Wednesday at the moment and yesterdays outfit is on the floor. However I was wearing this great new brooch. My princess friend Mandy gave to me. She has gone home now but spent the last week in town. Last week she came to the Little Sparrow handwork circle and learnt to crochet and she was hooked! She made me this great flower which is a variation of a pattern Shelley found on the web. Thanks Shelley another addict born.
So nice to have Princess Mandy in town with her sisters and first time Princess Mandy, Princess Spinner and I have all been in the same town for nearly two years. Could you hear us laughing? Poor family might have felt a wee bit invaded but I know really they were happy to see me happy. However slipping back into normality now, catching up with the washing, and getting onto my rather long list of things to be done.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The winner is...

This morning after the dishes were done and the washing hung out it was time to sit down with a coffee and draw the winner of my kit set giveaway out of the colourful bowl. husband was concerned that I was not supervised and offered to be an impartial supervisor but I had to point out that he would have to care long enough to watch me and we would have to both be home at the same time (hardly seen him lately) . And besides I can't wait a moment longer so you will just have to trust me......

the winner is........


Jo when I have figured out how I will email you for address and your preferences since it seems you couldn't decide between the love bird and the mushroom. Or email me princesskirstiejane(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you to all who entered and your encouraging words. Showing off creative work is always bit scary and I don't think any of us get sick of hearing nice things.

If you missed out this time keep an eye on me I am planning another giveaway or similar soon and sew mama sew are coordinating a huge giveaway at the end of the month- bad skirt is taking part and lots of others too judging by how they went last time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Princess crafting

Mothers day was spent full of my favourite things. A walk with husband in the morning, hanging out with princess friends all day making stuff, good food and a couple of cocktails. The girls were slave for the day fetching food and coffees and entertaining my friends baby so she could learn to embroider.
Mandy who had only learnt to crochet this week (thanks Shelley) taught Michelle how to get started and they were both making flowers by the end of the day.
Karla who had not done any embroidery before had a go at one of my new kit sets and made herself this beautiful butterfly and then designed herself this lovely wee heart. I was stitching all day since I have been banned from crochet until after the exhibition. *sulks*
Still not dressed this morning we are already underway with another day of craftey goodness. Hurrah.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Therapeutic Stitching

The First born had to come home from school this morning, feeling a little under the weather. It seemed that some quiet time was required. So we snuggled up and did some stitching. She started work on a sublime stitching pattern that she will make into a small bag for her next MP3 player. Her last Ipod died so we figured if she makes the bag the universe will provide. I haven't worked out the pattern yet, but some stitching was just what she needed. She required very little guidance. We talked about her learning and she can't remember learning stitching, just always doing it. She does remember learning knitting (in through the bunny hole, round the old tree...)
I was stitching a secret project so you just get a sneak peek (and a blurry one and all). I am really happy with how it is going. Also happy to be able to hang out with the first born today and for the therapy of stitching to be proved again.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wide awake Owl

I just got home from a Brown Owls meet and I am a little bit wide awake. So as everyone in the house is either asleep (as we all should be) or out (when we should be home by now) I am frying some left-over sushi and sharing with you dear reader my thoughts of the day and evening. First the sushi- the picture is not what I am eating but some I had prepared earlier. Have you ever had it fried? I recently discovered it and it is soooo good. Sliced sushi rolls fried in a little oil soy sauce drizzled on it as it fries so it goes kind of caramelly crisp. Lovely. I eat rather a lot of sushi as I try to avoid wheat as much as possible and it is nice occasionally to have it hot.

I have had a lovely crafty day. I made some more felt mobiles but forgot to take photos of them and have been doing various embroidery projects most of the day, including on the train and tram on the way to Brown Owls and during the evening too. Brown Owls was a talk tonight, mostly about blogging and mostly by Lucy of The Design Files and Angela of Three Buttons and, although Pip from Meet me at Mikes was officially asking the questions luckily she let us pick her brains too. They had lots of hints and tips and experience to draw from in regards to this blogging world. I do plan to get my head around it sometime but in the meantime I am enjoying just doing it in the imperfect way I manage. Pip is going to write some of the ideas that were talked about so I will leave that to her.
During the meet I realised Lucy is a friend of a friend which I didn't get to mention to her but isn't it funny how small the world is sometimes, especially considering I still know very few people in this city. It is nice to be getting to meet some folks recently and crafty types are just so nice. Thanks peps for sharing on your blogs and in person to. And for keeping me company as I wind down tonight. All this linking has worn me out. Ready for bed now, big crafty day planned tomorrow and a couple of coffees too I think.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Princess visit

Can you see the shape of New Zealand in this picture, my friend Mandy took this photo, it cracks me up. It is just how it landed, no rearranging at all.

And now just one more sleep till Princess Mandy comes to visit. If you see a couple or three friends about town, dressed a little over the top, drinking far to much coffee and telling stories with lots of gestures and laughing, that will be us. Oh how will I sleep? it feels like Christmas (including having jobs undone on my list before the deadline).
Also I went to the talk by jeweller Vicki Mason tonight, love her work and so much to think about, about her work, about mine, about the journey of creating, of putting your work out there, of balancing commercial and creative, and creating in a new land, about themes and new techniques. More than I can write tonight, might be interesting to explore a bit more some time though.

Not sure how much time I will have to post between coffees but hope that you take the time to enter my giveaway I have been getting comments from lots of lovely people every time I wear one of my new brooches, such a lovely way to collect compliments.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exhibitions: visiting one and working towards one

If you haven't made plans for this afternoon yet, consider popping down to Malvern (if ya live in Melbourne) to the TAG Fabricate exhibition. It is the last day today so I finally got my a* into gear and got there. The exhibition organised by the TAG branch of the embroiderers guild features the work of 6 textile artists. My favourites were the felt works by Karoliina Arvilommi and the dolls by Jennifer Gould. It was inspiring and I also had a lovely chat to Bernadette and Dinnie. They will even offer you a cuppa tea if you have had to travel across the city. So inspiration and a cuppa. It was a great way to start my Sunday. Plan on using the inspiration I have gathered from yesterdays trip and this mornings visit in my play space for the rest of the day as I get into the final run towards my exhibition in Christchurch in July. argh I have been pretending it is ages away till now but can no longer deny that time just keeps on rolling along.

BTW the guild have a talk on tomorrow night $5 for a talk by Vicki Mason a NZ jeweller now based in Melbourne. I will also be having a browse thru the guild library, it is pretty comprehensive. Wanna meet me there?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A trip to Red hill

In my new efforts to get to more markets and new places today we headed out to red hill market. I had heard about this market and been told by many it is worth the drive out from Melbourne. Well, following the print out from Google and finding roadworks, having to detour to find a service station and to find a 'relief' stop we got a little lost (why had I taken the Melways into the house?!) but eventually we got there and it really was great. There were a number of stalls I had seen before but enough that I hadn't that made the market itself worth while and it was nice to be out in the country. Despite the new discoveries I again found myself at a stall I had found at Sister Market harper & eddie and brought a lovely wee thing but I can't show your cause it is a present for someone... I also found these cool cookie cutters they will also be a present.

Another great thing about being at Redhill was we were pretty close to Sorrento and as three of the four in the car hadn't been there before we decided to head there for lunch. And found Buckleys Chance. Since this is a phrase the lone aussie in the car uses a lot we thought it sounded like the perfect place to stop and ...yum. The service was great, a seat in the sun and the food delicious and plentiful. After we decided we needed to take our pukanui (big stomach) for a walk down the street. (I have tried to edit this bit numerous times sorry if it still not sitting right)

We didn't go into this exhibition but liked the sign. That is me and Princess Michelle.

We did go into Gallery Sorrento and found a new item to add to my wish list, some beautiful butterflies made from recovered saucers by Lightly. Further down the street we wandered into Beast Creations strange name, but beautiful glass and jewellery inside. A walk on the beach, soak in the view and then home. A great day full of good friends, great food, treasures for the soul and pressies to bring home.

Next time though I will be heading to Made in Thornbury since I am pretty sure I won't get to lost getting there and I know there will be lots for me to bring home there too, Nice people also I hear ;) Sorry I couldn't get to both and hope all who had a stall there today had a great day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The kit sets are done

Do you want one? Make one yourself.....

The love bird kits sets have flown the coop and to celebrate I am having a give away.

It has been a busy busy week getting them finished. I have feed the family but the washing has remained undone and the beds unmade. However finished they now are, and you can now find kit sets to make cute little embroidered felt brooches at Little Sparrow in North Caulfield and at The Friendship Tree in Northcote.
Each kit contains all the materials you need including 100% wool hand dyed felt, upcycled fabrics, 100% cotton embroidery thread, a needle, a metal brooch back and all the instructions you need including "How to" for all the easy embroidery stitches.
The designs are "Love Bird" "Sweet Owl" "Baby Butterfly" "Princess" and "Mushroom"

Don't you want to make one for yourself? or for a gift. To be in to win, simply leave me a comment letting me know which design you would like to win and where you will wear it when you have made it.

If you are the lucky randomly chosen winner I will send you a kit in the design of your choice and in the colours of your choice. Go on, I would love to hear from you and I know you will love making one of your very own.
Entries close Tuesday the 12th of May
I am exhausted now, need a wee lie down as I plan to visit markets this weekend. It would be very very sad if I was too tired to shop! Cheers to Friday cheers too to Shelley at Little Sparrow who helped me lots with this project. Hooray!