Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some quiet shopping

With the stress of it all lately, my body decided I needed a wee rest and I have had a very heavy cold. Never mind, I view this as a chance to sit around on the couch- movie watching, crafting, and taking nana naps.

I'm feeling better now but have lost my voice. For the last three days I have gone from squeaking and croaking to no voice at all. Luckily I am a super fine actor with absolutely no shame and have been acting my way through all the mummy directions that need to be given. Also the girls and I know just a little bit of sign language, that has helped too. The girls dragged me out for a shop last night and giggled every time a shop assistant was confused by my mute response. You see the girls know that given a chance I will make friends with every shop assistant that looks kindly my way. I am that annoying person who is inclined to answer the "how are you" question honestly. I promise I don't go on and I am always positive but I am never just fine "I am great/fantastic/excellent, thanks for asking, how is your day going?"

This morning I headed out on my own with a note book in hand. An op shop happened to be in the middle of all my messages and I found these lovely tins in the window. I had to write a note asking if they were for sale and they were, which ones she asked, all of them I signed. And for how much? just $1 each! excellent. I already gave one away to a friend who will appreciate the Scottish theme, the rest will be used in my play space to store some of my bits and bobs. Of course these days I can't look at a tin with out thinking of Tinniegirl who has the last of her tins avaliable at her shop, if you want your own full of treasure go her see her before she sells out.
Not being able to speak has sure made me think about what I really want or need to say and given me a chance to be a lot more introspective but I have missed singing at the top of my lungs when at home alone or driving around the city. Anyway; I'm great thanks, how has your day been?
edit to add Little Sparrow has some of Tinniegirl's tin as well.


CurlyPops said...

Hope you're on the mend!

Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

Hey Kirstie. I hope you're feeling much better now.

Great score on the tins.