Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creating my way thru

After a week of being in shock I finally feel ready to reach back out into the world.

The fires here just outside Melbourne were a shock to us all. On Saturday before we even knew what had happened; you could feel the danger in the air. Then came the wait to hear if friends were ok, thankfully they all are. Sadly the parents of one of my dear Princess friends lost their home. At a time like this it becomes clear that a home is more than just the place to sleep, and gather for meals, but all of the memories of past years and the plans and dreams for the future. Our family is our home; today we are grateful for those still with us and mourn for those gone.

I spent a lot of last week walking around in circles and sitting on my couch watching updates and creating my way thru. I spent the weekend making some meals and baking for the freezer to be passed on to friends at a later date.

Creating the way thru seems to be the way a number of us have coped with this. I have been thinking of those creative types who have lost or can't get to their stash. I had already put some supplies together for my friend Princess Sparkle Fern and now with the help of Handmade Help I am able to put together more supplies to go to itchy hands. I will be dropping my supplies down to Little Sparrow.

In the creating this last week, I have been making cute little brooches and needlepoint tapestries. I made the one of the King Parrot for Princess Sparkle Fern. They are made from 100% wool felt, recycled fabrics embroidery threads and beads. What fun they are as they come to life in my hands. The little owl is in acknowledgment of my very first Brown Owls meeting coming up very soon. I am so excited and very nervous about meeting a whole lot of crafty women.
Husband is laughing at me at the moment, as I am a little obsessed with these projects and take them everywhere we go. I love to have something so portable and to keep my hands and mind busy.

On the topic of Husband we celebrated our wedding anniversary in the weekend with a lovely long three hour walk and talk and a drink at Batch- a cute kiwi themed café in Balaclava. Husband was especially excited to find a favourite NZ beer- Monteiths Summer Ale- a wee taste of home. ahhh :)
Time to go create some more .......
Blessings to you all especially for those separated from home and family.


Tinniegirl said...

Your felt work is beautiful. I couldn't make the Brown Owls meeting tonight unfortunately.

Princess Kirstie said...

Thank you for you comment. Sorry you couldn't make it along. Good to blog instead I suppose. It was a fun night so many lovely and slightly crazy women - my kind of people. I look forward to meeting you at one of the meets or at the Stitches and Craft Show- I will drop in and say Hi.