Friday, February 27, 2009


More inspiration from Pip at Meet me at Mikes

- a family tree

Gma- Mums: sewer, knitter and plays with the cutting and gluing of paper
Gma- Dads: knitter, baker and the best fruit salad jam in the land
Dad- leadlighter, sculptor, jeweller, wood carver and turner, writer, all round bullshit artist (I say that with love)
Mum: knitter, sewer (applique t-shirts when we were kids), quilter, dyer (that is one who dyes fabric, how do ya write that?), baker of great foccacia, writer, all round fantastic fibre artist. I tell ya it just comes out of her pores
Mum and me: collaborated on fibre art creations
Me: stitcher, felter, beader, painter, sewer, weaver, creative cook
Daughter 1st actor, baker, sewer
Daughter 2nd sketcher, digital, artist, writer

How 'bought you?- the creative gene run in your family? Play along....

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