Friday, October 2, 2009

A pressie

picture stolen from Curious Little Oyster

First point of order for this my return to blogging land is to acknowledge a present I received while I was away on my little blog holiday.
Annaliese from Curious Little Oyster sent me not one but two of her lovely lip balms. I sure feel treated, the little packages are so pretty, the lip balm is sure making my lips feel better on these cold and windy days, and the mint slice flavour almost cures my chocolate cravings (almost). I will be visiting her wee shop soon to stock up for presents for my loved ones.
Are you tempted? quick, go here, Annaliese is having a Spring give away so you could have your own lovely balm, be quick it is closing soon. If you miss out never fear just head to her shop in St Kilda or on Etsy.

Happy Birthday to my childhood friend Rachel who also shares the day with Tiffany of "I think we're alone now" fame.

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Vic @ Punky and Me said...

Oh those little tins are FANTASTIC! I think I need.

Happy Blogtoberfest! :D