Friday, March 13, 2009

Make time to visit the WOW stand

Oh and for those who can make it to the show make sure you visit Heather and Ingrid at the WOW stand. They are here from Nelson, New Zealand letting Melbourne creative types in on the magic of the World of Wearable Art or WOW. WOW is a spectacular annual show inviting designers and artists from around the world to follow thru on those creative wearable ideas. My Mum and I have worked on four collaborative garments since 2003. They were all selected for the show which is in September each year. We won two highly commended awards with one of our pieces - "When Mere Met Mary".

The photo is the back of "Who Are You". This and "When Mary met Mere" are my two favourites (just don't tell the others). "Who Are You" was a dress covered in fabric flowers and a cloak with hundreds of photos printed onto fabric and then individually sewn on to make a big picture of me as a baby. The photos are all of our family and friends. It was a joy to make, working with my Mum thinking of all the important people in our lives and 'introducing' them to each other as we sewed them all on. (ok, so there were a lot to sew on, we may have been losing the plot!)

I am a bit shy about sharing these creations with you all but the experience of bringing a concept to reality and then being part of such a spectacular show is an experience I would recommend. I would also recommend attending the show if you are in Wellington in September any year. The show is well named, I promise you will spend the whole night saying WOW!


Anonymous said...

you are WOW girl!xx shelley

nikkishell said...

Amazing! You and your mum are two very talented ladies :)WOW indeed!