Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh and Handmade Nation

If you can get to the show, go and see Handmade Nation or when it comes to a town near you,- go and see it.
I stayed out late after stitching all day at the show to watch it. A big storm came over while it was on and we barely had any idea, so engrossed with the film we were. It is great, cool, inspiring, affirming and lots of other positive adjectives. It is a documentry about the Indie craft movement in America. Faythe Levine talked to a whole lot of artists, designers and creators finding out more about what , how and why they create and live the way they do. I didn't realise I was a part of a movement wanting to make meaningful things, wanting to make and recieve handmade gifts, wanting to surround myself with my own and others beautiful things. Wanting to make a difference in my world so I can live as part of this big world that feel right and just. and sometimes just wanting to chill out with friends and play.
Go and see it.

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