Thursday, April 23, 2009

Embroidery off to Brisbane

It is the Stitches and Craft Show in Brisbane shortly.

It was in Melbourne recently and I spent 5 days teaching lots of lovely people embroidery stitches at the one of the Craft Bars with patterns by Sublime Stitching. I had so much fun that although I was exhausted by the end of it I couldn't stop stitching. So I kept on going and made some samples for Angela at Living Creatively to take to the Brisbane show. I hope to inspire peps on the cool things they can make with their projects. If you are in Brisbane go and check the show out, and have a go at the craft bars, a great way to give something new a try.

I am planning to teach some basic embroidery classes soon with these great patterns, I have irons in the fire, so keep an eye here if you are keen.

Off to Little Sparrow tonight for a handwork circle evening. What will we do?? I am imagining knitting stitching, hooking and a lot of chatting, plus a wee cup of tea I think.


Chris said...

They look great.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous girl!