Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend of Wonderful

My silence of the last few days is not because I have been lying around eating chocolates, no, but because I have been busy busy busy, so lots to tell you... first instalment...

Finally the kids are back at school and so I can get to the computer and have a wee browse on the net and fill you in with what we have been up to. Saturday: Husband and I went to Sisters Market, I hadn't been before but found it with the help of Justine at Mixtape, saw her, wished her a happy birthday and got these great wee Dr Seuss badges. I will be sending them to my sister who is knitting a whole farm yard worth of animals. I also got these cute little bird hair clips, I don't know why cause my hair is fairly sort at the moment, but I am sure I can wear them somehow. I forgot to write down who made them. I hadn't read kims post on brown owls at that point and it was all a little girly for Husband so he bribed me away with a coffee. I did have more shopping to do but I guess next time..... (I will just leave him at home)....

Sunday was Husbands birthday so I spent the day being slave for the day, making yummy yummy food and fetching coffees and then beers. I planned to make these chicken parcels, I had seen a recipe but my highly efficient system failed me and I couldn't find the recipe, so I made it up and it was fantastic! I reckon it might even count as crafty since it was in paper tied up with string. yum yum yum.

Husband is a white chocolate fan so I made a chocolate moose. You can see it is a little lumpy as I got sacred of knocking out the air, but yum. Husband and I couldn't eat it all so keep some aside for the next night but the girls took on the challenge and polished theirs all
off. And then I sent them to bed all wired, hee hee.
Best be off now, big list of must dos but to remind me and tempt you ...further instalments due....
Embroidery off to Brisbaine
New Outlet!
Comedy Festival
Stitching the Husband up
Have a great day see you soon.


Tinniegirl said...

I was at the market on Saturday. What a pity we didn't cross paths.

clare's craftroom said...

White chocolate mousse , mmmm !