Friday, April 17, 2009

Out and about crafting

Two stories in the news recently have been getting me to thinking. First there was a great story out of the tragedy's of the Italy earthquakes of the 98 year old women who whilst trapped by rubble passed her time knitting. Obviously someone who doesn't believe in being idle. Then this week there has been a story about a women in Perth being asked to leave a restaurant because she was breastfeeding, I am not even going to go into my opinion about that here, but it has led me to thinking......

I breastfeed for an extended length of time and was involved with the breastfeeding support group La Leche League. One of the things I loved about breastfeeding (apart from its health benefits) was the practical accessibility of it. I had milk in the right quantity and temperature for by baby at any time and any place. I used to have a wee list in my head about some of the places I had nursed my baby. At home of course, but also on planes, boats, beaches, mountains, hospital, waiting rooms, cablecars, conferences, at concerts, cafes and restaurants. This photo shows me breastfeeding the second born at the Sydney zoo during our first overseas trip.
At the moment my favourite crafting is hand stitching, mostly embroidery. Part of the reason I love it is the portability of it, I travel by public transport and I am able to stitch while I wait for the train and then on the train or tram or bus... In fact I am doing a wee project examining the passing of time whilst travelling.

I have been known to stitch my way on the tram and then stitch on the beach or cafe. Traveling by plane and crafting has been getting trickier but I suppose you could finger knit? Usually I settle with reading about crafting or brainstorming and sketching out the next project. I think that still counts.
I have crafted in hospital, at meetings, in waiting rooms, in parks and recently at a music gig. This photo shows my two princess friends creating in a caravan during a creative escape weekend. I like crafting in different places, for a start it gets me out of the house and I think of different things when I have a different view. It is a great way to meet interesting people when they ask you what you are up to or to collect compliments as folk admire your handy work.

I am challenging myself to starting a new list and to craft in some interesting places throughout the year. Have you crafted in an unusual place? or where is your favourite place?
I am thinking I would love to organise a crafty train trip- meet and craft our way out to the end of the line or into the country, refuel at a country cafe and craft all the way back into the city. Any Melbourne people keen? leave a comment or email me at princesskirstiejane (at) gmail (dot) com


Tinniegirl said...

I'm keen. That sounds like lots of fun. A crafty train trip. Yeah.

I loved that story about the Italian woman who knitted while waiting to be rescued.

beck said...

I like your crafty thinking...hmmm...a thermos, some sandwiches, a vanilla slice or two and some crochet. Could be just the ticket!!