Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sharing the stash

The first born is doing a design and technology course at school or what I used to call sewing. She is making a bag this semester, I recently invited her to go thru my stash and see if there was something suitable she wanted to use. One of the options I presented her with was this op-shop dress I had brought with the intention of cutting it up and recycling, but "no" she cried "I could wear that!" And so with a little bit of altering -taking it in and bringing up the hem, she has headed out for the evening in a brand spanking new dress.
Browsing in town this afternoon she was complemented by an assistant in a groovy wee shop, proof I am told that this is indeed a great wee number. I love that I have a kid confident enough to believe she can alter clothing and that she wants to wear something rescued from her mother stash.
Don't you think it would be perfectly suitable to have a picnic of this fabric, just like wearing a flash table cloth- in a good way. And the good thing about taking up that hem is I get a little bit of fabric to play with - hooray everyone is happy when we share the stash.


Anonymous said...

and i must say ...absolutely gorgeous little bod to show off the stash! beautiful girl!

Jordan said...
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