Monday, June 1, 2009

A game of tag - Eight things

Busy Lizzie tagged me for a game of Eight Things last week. I had such a busy week I confess to forgetting all about it. Luckily she didn't give me a deadline and I am finally able to get my head around it today (between finding the floor and the kitchen bench, not to mention the bottom of the laundry basket!) Like Lizzie it has been a while since I played tag, when the kids were little and they ran and I made scary noises to make them run again, whilst I stayed still, so I don't think even that counts.

So here are my lists of 8:
8 things I am looking forward to:
*My first joint exhibition, soon, in Christchurch, in July with two dear friends - hence the currently busy schedule.
*Seeing family and friends on this trip 'home' especially....
*My nieces 2nd birthday which I will be there for. (I hope)
eight things really?
*the week after the exhibition when I am over the stress and before I start the next project.
*Learning to crochet, again after the exhibition
*Going swimming tomorrow, I haven't been enough lately
*Watching the second born perform tomorrow night, a singing recital at school
*A date with Husband at the end of the week
*A crafty train trip

8 Things I did yesterday
*Slept in! I love mornings with no alarm clocks
*Pretended to clean up whilst actually checking up on my favourite blogs and catching up on emails
*listened to great music in a backyard concert featuring Once Twice Sofia (I love Naomi's lyrics) and Cadmium Waking (a great a Capella trio) and a band made up of Alex, Kaz, Cam and Pete. Click on their links and have a listen. It was a great set and the sun even came out to warm us up, for a while anyway.
*Did a little crafting at the same gig while sipping a glass of wine, I was maximising the fun.
*Chatted to my Mum on the phone, actually on speaker phone which meant I was able to clean up a bit at the same time.
*Feed the family dinner
*Tested the first born's baking, just so I could tell her what a great job she did of course.
*Stayed up too late blogging.

8 Things I wish I could do

*Draw well, I can tell what I have drawn but I would love others to be able to as well. I know I could learn just need to practice more (that's what the books tell me anyway)
*Crochet, will learn that one.
*Always be a calm parent, and reasonable and moderate and sensible and wise. Don't think I will ever learn that one.
*Time travel so I can go back and try again when I am not the afore mentioned parent. While I am time traveling I will also give myself more time to fit in more crafting
*Play an instrument, instantly without all that painful learning carry on.
*Be more efficient with my time given that I can't yet time travel.
*Have a better memory, I am shocking! I really can feel things I need to remember fall out off my brain.
*Arrange world peace

8 Shows I watch

alright confessions I am being brutally honest here cause I am supposed to say I don't watch TV but...

*Rove -cause he is my boyfriend don't ya know, that's what the girls reckon
*Oprah - yes the TV is sometimes on in the middle of the day, I swear I am crafting at the same time, I do have to proviso that it has to be positive, I don't do negative themes.
*House - well I used to, it has finished now. Used to be date night on the couch with Husband
*Any house make-over show, at the moment that is Homemade.
*Good News Week
*Antiques Road show, not often its a busy time of day but when I'm not cooking or...
*MASH rerun after rerun unfortunately it is on the same time as #6
*Whatever is best at the time, if I have the remote, which I often don't.

Right so there you go a whole lot of things you may not have previously known about me and lets be honest survived just fine without knowing it.

So now apparently I need to tag eight people so

Here are the playground rules if you care for them

1. Mention the name of the person who tagged you.

2. Do the lists of 8.

3. Tag 8 bloggers of your choice.

4. Let them know that they have been tagged!

So if you are on the list you are IT!

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Tinniegirl said...

I had totally forgotten about this. I'll play along sometime soon.