Monday, May 25, 2009

Another important date for your diary

Melbourne people-Those of you who have been here before might remember me writing about my passion for crafting on the go. Would you like to come and join me for my first blogging crafty train trip? I have set a date and found a cafe to head to.

So my brilliant plan is on the 21st of June (that is the last weekend before the school holidays start) to meet on Platform one at Flinders Street at about 11:20, jump on the 11:35 train out to Hurstbridge. We can craft all the way out and then when we get to Hurstbridge there is a short 5 minute walk down to a groovy wee organic cafe the "Heart and Soul Cafe". When we are full of lunch or coffee and cake, we can craft our way back again. I reckon we should get back into Flinders at about 4.

You can buy a Sunday saver card for just $3:10 and that will allow you train/tram and bus travel all day, a bargain priced venue I reckon.

So if you like to craft with a view and to meet some other crafty/bloggy types then write it in your diary, leave me a comment so I can book a table and gather your portable crafty gear.

I will be at platform one just near the food booth and to make it easy for you to find me I will wear my red coat. I look forward to having a great crafty adventure.

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Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

I wish I wasn't going to my business women's conference on that day ... already booked!

But it sounds great and I will promote it on my blog!