Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eye Spy - My Morning Ritual

My day starts sometime into the morning walk with Husband, we fall out of bed into warm clothes and wake up some time along the second block. Evenings are busy and now the teenagers stay up around the time we want to go to bed, the morning is a chance to catch up and breathe out before the day starts.

At the door...... deep breath....... ready? Time to wake up the girls and for me to head to the kitchen to make porridge (smoothies in the summer) and school lunches with, either bread just out of the breadmaker or, a current favourite, buckwheat pancakes.
At this point I would like to sing praises for school uniforms. First born is wearing a uniform for the first time this year and the mornings go so much smoother now she doesn't have to change five times. Breakfast is served and either eaten together or separately depending on who is in the shower, but either way, yesterdays school notices are handed over, last minute requests for cash made, and plans or notifications made for the afternoon/evening events.... Till I bundle them all out the door to the car, trams and trains.
I switch on the coffee machine and breathe, my day begins.......
Edit: I forgot to add Eye Spy is hosted by BugandPop. This week the topic suggested by 3RedButtons

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Angie said...

Oh how I wish I could get back into a routine of morning exercise, it's so good to have it done so as the evening descends into chaos (at our place at least) it is one thing you have already accomplished!

Your morning does give me an insight into having school aged kids though!