Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eye Spy - Something I love about my suburb

This one is easy for me My favouritist thing about my suburb is Little Sparrow a great wee shop that is just around the corner and happens to be owned and run by my friend Shelley. I have a friend to go and share a coffee with, a place to sell some of my goodies, a place to go shopping for the children in my life and an easy place to get more crafty supplies. I have meet some lovely ladies at our Handwork circle and have taught and learnt all sorts of sewing and knitting skills as well as supporting each other thru parenting and other life adventures. I really am regularly grateful for being so lucky to have such a great resource at the end of my street. I also love the trams and the two train lines and the excellent food available in our wee corner of Melbourne.

Cindy has asked me to come up with the next Eye Spy theme and since it is my niece's 2nd birthday this weekend I have been thinking about - Favorite Childhood party games... the ones that were favorite when you was a kid or that you like to play with or organise for your children. I love party games and have been known to re-play some of them as a grown up child.


Little Sparrow - Natural Toys & Handwork Supplies said...

Aww shucks!!!! Kisses to you..... Hope the exhibition is going super duper!!!! Xxxxxx

Cindy said...

Thanks for next weeks theme. I bought all Poppy's brithday goodies from Little Sparrow after you recommended it. SO much good stuff, especially for boys too. Planning to definately go back

Christina Lowry said...

Sounds like a great corner to live in!

Ohh... games... :)