Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eye Spy - Something I should use

Late again.... seems to be my theme. I have found my arrival back on the planet not completely to my liking... it hasn't been a great week. Yesterday I was busy with one of my away from home 'jobs' and came down with a killer headache/migraine. I finally made it home barely greeted the family before heading straight to bed to sleep for 12 and a half hours! Wow it has been a while since I did that.
When I woke though I remembered something I should use. A weekend away. A friend has a holiday home in Ocean Grove which is just a short drive from Melbourne. Last December I gave her a hand for the day and she gave me a weekend away in exchange. I have been planning a weekend off for husband and me to get away, I can't believe how hard it has been to find the time to get away. It is about time I cashed in and took us both away for a night or two, away from school homework, and husband's at home work and chores and all that grown up stuff.
To find out what else people are remembering they should use, visit Cindy. Thanks to Bird Bath for this weeks theme

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