Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eye Spy- Something I made for a little person

Really late for this one but have been thinking about it a bit and this week I walked into my nieces bedroom and found this.
I painted this for Beansie when she was born and since it is her birthday next week that makes it two years ago. I have painted words I want her to hear as she grows up about believing in herself, following her bliss, that she is a wonderful person and all the other things we want to tell the children in our lives. I painted similar ones for my girls that I gave to them when the hit a certain mile stone girls hit in their teens. I had forgotten I had done it, but Beansie looks at it every night as she goes to bed and as she is learning her colours at the moment they talk about what colours everything is. I live in a different country to Bean, but I love that I can be a little in her life everyday.

For more Eye spy visit Cindy

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busy lizzie said...

that is so gorgeous!