Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Princesses giggle

It is a well know fact that Princesses like to and are very good at giggling, laughing, chortling, and chuckling.
We have been a little stressed in our house lately so last night I was clever enough to drag Husband out of the house and meet up with fellow Princess 'Chelle and her man and take ourselves off to The Comics Lounge. There we had a glass or two of wine and a laugh or three. Mind you we were laughing before the show even started. Just knowing you are going out for a laugh puts you in a good mood. After, we had a wait for the trains home so we waited at the Roof top bar on Swanston street in the city. It is such a great view, I have been wanting to head up there for a while, now I finally have.
So hooray a night out... it is all so very grown up, although I think going out on a Monday night may make for a long week, I'll let you know.
Then today despite having both the girls home underfoot feeling under the weather; we had a lovely day and some great news. So the mood seems to have turned. Bless.
......Oh and I got some creating done today, sent some new kitsets off to Friendship tree and some house work done*polishes halo* ... yes mixing metaphors but the rules are mine and I have both a crown and a halo.
Hope you found something to giggle about today.

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Nikki Cardigan said...

Good food, good wine, good company and laughter... a perfect recipe for de-stressing!