Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eye Spy -Green

I am feeling a bit lost now that I have finally recovered from the princess visit and have little between me and the exhibition deadline.

So instead of working towards that, I am going to join BugsandPop and Eye spy: Green.

I haven't left the house yet today so I am selecting from the photo collection....

To me Green is New Zealand. And to prove it here is a couple from there.
Top: Flax and Cabbage tree on Banks Peninsula blowing in the wind, can't you feel how cold it is.

And me sitting with my green hair in my friends very green lawn. I was celebrating my birthday and having a lovely day. We were nearly packed up for the big move so Princess Mandy had us all over at her place.

Since I got here I have discovered there actually is a lot of green, especially in Melbourne (despite the drought) my favorite though is King Parrots. We meet these guys soon after we got here.

Wow look at that, they were only too happy to come and visit and share a meal with us. After all the stress of getting here these guys mark our first holiday break. (that is me and second born)


Cindy said...

Glad you decided to join in. I love you green NZ shots.

Chris said...

It's probably colder than you remember today. Lush green squelchiness and dark grey and white on the tops cold.

Bek said...

I have never been to NZ, but I would love to go. It looks so beautiful!

angel wings and hearts said...

yes, NZ (i have never been) always conjures up green and lush to me as well. i long to see green and lush in melbs again too when the drought decides to finish itself! i love the king parrots. i am not close enought to the outskirts for king parrots only the lorikeets.