Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yesterday was Wednesday

I am obviously not going well with the whole deadline concept of Whatcha Wearing Wednesday at the moment and yesterdays outfit is on the floor. However I was wearing this great new brooch. My princess friend Mandy gave to me. She has gone home now but spent the last week in town. Last week she came to the Little Sparrow handwork circle and learnt to crochet and she was hooked! She made me this great flower which is a variation of a pattern Shelley found on the web. Thanks Shelley another addict born.
So nice to have Princess Mandy in town with her sisters and first time Princess Mandy, Princess Spinner and I have all been in the same town for nearly two years. Could you hear us laughing? Poor family might have felt a wee bit invaded but I know really they were happy to see me happy. However slipping back into normality now, catching up with the washing, and getting onto my rather long list of things to be done.

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