Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wednesday and wearing.... comfy and cute

I think I may even make it (or just about anyway) A www post on a Wednesday!

Today I was busy creating and then teaching a class in the evening. Tidy practical was the order of the day. Luckily I just got given these great pants. They are green with some fantastic embroidery detail, they are elasticated and they are just like tidy trackies. I am a little worried about how much an elastic waistband excites me. I am too young for such thoughts surely? But they are so warm and comfy and cute, I have barely taken them off since I was given them.

To show I haven't completely let myself go I accessorised with jewellery and this great owl brooch Mandy made me, I feel a bit like sleepy owl now, time for bed since Wednesday is over.

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amity ville boronia said...

Well, I'm only 20. And every time I walk past those maternity jeans with a big elastic band arond the top. I wonder if anyone would notice if I was wearing them. So don't feel too bad!