Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wide awake Owl

I just got home from a Brown Owls meet and I am a little bit wide awake. So as everyone in the house is either asleep (as we all should be) or out (when we should be home by now) I am frying some left-over sushi and sharing with you dear reader my thoughts of the day and evening. First the sushi- the picture is not what I am eating but some I had prepared earlier. Have you ever had it fried? I recently discovered it and it is soooo good. Sliced sushi rolls fried in a little oil soy sauce drizzled on it as it fries so it goes kind of caramelly crisp. Lovely. I eat rather a lot of sushi as I try to avoid wheat as much as possible and it is nice occasionally to have it hot.

I have had a lovely crafty day. I made some more felt mobiles but forgot to take photos of them and have been doing various embroidery projects most of the day, including on the train and tram on the way to Brown Owls and during the evening too. Brown Owls was a talk tonight, mostly about blogging and mostly by Lucy of The Design Files and Angela of Three Buttons and, although Pip from Meet me at Mikes was officially asking the questions luckily she let us pick her brains too. They had lots of hints and tips and experience to draw from in regards to this blogging world. I do plan to get my head around it sometime but in the meantime I am enjoying just doing it in the imperfect way I manage. Pip is going to write some of the ideas that were talked about so I will leave that to her.
During the meet I realised Lucy is a friend of a friend which I didn't get to mention to her but isn't it funny how small the world is sometimes, especially considering I still know very few people in this city. It is nice to be getting to meet some folks recently and crafty types are just so nice. Thanks peps for sharing on your blogs and in person to. And for keeping me company as I wind down tonight. All this linking has worn me out. Ready for bed now, big crafty day planned tomorrow and a couple of coffees too I think.

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