Monday, May 11, 2009

Princess crafting

Mothers day was spent full of my favourite things. A walk with husband in the morning, hanging out with princess friends all day making stuff, good food and a couple of cocktails. The girls were slave for the day fetching food and coffees and entertaining my friends baby so she could learn to embroider.
Mandy who had only learnt to crochet this week (thanks Shelley) taught Michelle how to get started and they were both making flowers by the end of the day.
Karla who had not done any embroidery before had a go at one of my new kit sets and made herself this beautiful butterfly and then designed herself this lovely wee heart. I was stitching all day since I have been banned from crochet until after the exhibition. *sulks*
Still not dressed this morning we are already underway with another day of craftey goodness. Hurrah.

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