Friday, May 8, 2009

Therapeutic Stitching

The First born had to come home from school this morning, feeling a little under the weather. It seemed that some quiet time was required. So we snuggled up and did some stitching. She started work on a sublime stitching pattern that she will make into a small bag for her next MP3 player. Her last Ipod died so we figured if she makes the bag the universe will provide. I haven't worked out the pattern yet, but some stitching was just what she needed. She required very little guidance. We talked about her learning and she can't remember learning stitching, just always doing it. She does remember learning knitting (in through the bunny hole, round the old tree...)
I was stitching a secret project so you just get a sneak peek (and a blurry one and all). I am really happy with how it is going. Also happy to be able to hang out with the first born today and for the therapy of stitching to be proved again.

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Karen said...

Perfect wether to snuggle up and stitch, hope it provided the tonic for good health!
I look forward to the day when my girls will join me for that - or anything where they sit still for more than ten minutes really...