Saturday, May 2, 2009

A trip to Red hill

In my new efforts to get to more markets and new places today we headed out to red hill market. I had heard about this market and been told by many it is worth the drive out from Melbourne. Well, following the print out from Google and finding roadworks, having to detour to find a service station and to find a 'relief' stop we got a little lost (why had I taken the Melways into the house?!) but eventually we got there and it really was great. There were a number of stalls I had seen before but enough that I hadn't that made the market itself worth while and it was nice to be out in the country. Despite the new discoveries I again found myself at a stall I had found at Sister Market harper & eddie and brought a lovely wee thing but I can't show your cause it is a present for someone... I also found these cool cookie cutters they will also be a present.

Another great thing about being at Redhill was we were pretty close to Sorrento and as three of the four in the car hadn't been there before we decided to head there for lunch. And found Buckleys Chance. Since this is a phrase the lone aussie in the car uses a lot we thought it sounded like the perfect place to stop and ...yum. The service was great, a seat in the sun and the food delicious and plentiful. After we decided we needed to take our pukanui (big stomach) for a walk down the street. (I have tried to edit this bit numerous times sorry if it still not sitting right)

We didn't go into this exhibition but liked the sign. That is me and Princess Michelle.

We did go into Gallery Sorrento and found a new item to add to my wish list, some beautiful butterflies made from recovered saucers by Lightly. Further down the street we wandered into Beast Creations strange name, but beautiful glass and jewellery inside. A walk on the beach, soak in the view and then home. A great day full of good friends, great food, treasures for the soul and pressies to bring home.

Next time though I will be heading to Made in Thornbury since I am pretty sure I won't get to lost getting there and I know there will be lots for me to bring home there too, Nice people also I hear ;) Sorry I couldn't get to both and hope all who had a stall there today had a great day.

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