Friday, May 29, 2009

My clever wee sis.

How cute are these guys. My sister has been knitting these wee characters for a while now. They are from "Knit a Fantasy Story" by Jan Messent, Published by Search Press. The book was Mums originally, sis had it, then it was stolen from her car (and the knitting! boo hoo). A couple of her friends tracked the book down for her and off she went again. I love the wee characters and as I am not a knitter myself really admire that she has pretty much taught herself, with the occasional international phone call to Mum for - "how do I fix (fill in the blank)", apparently explaining knitting over the phone is quite tricky.
Sis can't knit at the moment due to an injury but has found "Irresistible gifts to knit" by Alan Dart and is planning to make the hedgehog heading off to bed complete with hottie (hot water bottle) as soon as she is better. I saw the book at Little Sparrow last night. Dart is a very creative designer. Now I will have to learn knitting this year as well....... After the crochet lessons.


Chris said...

So cute. The book sat on my shelf for years and I never did get around to it. It's great to see it being put to good use, even if it isn't the same copy.

Love the little hedgehog. Reminds me of Badger in Wind in the Willows.

Karen said...

Is your sister selling thes Kirstie?
They are very cute and would be ideal for a Christmas present I am planning to make - but we know woollen crafts and I don't play well!

Princess kirstie jane said...

I am afraid I haven't been able to convince her to sell them I think they may be heading to a special wee girl in our life. Maybe we should learn together? After my time for Christmas.