Saturday, May 23, 2009

WWW All blue and not a bit sad

I know it isn't Wednesday but I won't even bore you with the stories of internet troubles.
On Wednesday I left the house!!!! and found that blue was the theme for the day. On my head I wore a scarf I found in an opshop along time ago and one of my fabric flowers.
I just got a new outlet for these. With some help of my friend Anita and Mandy they are now avaliable at Buana Satu in 'K' Road, Auckland, New Zealand. Hooray. So if you are near there pop in and check out the range. Anyway cute as that is isn't I couldn't leave the house wearing just that so....

I also wore a blue and black dress, one of my wee birds and a lovely necklace made for me by my friend Michelle Stewart for my birthday last year. (aka Princess Michelle)
Michelle lost all her stock and equipment in the Kinglake fires. I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful piece, I already treasured it and now even more so. Michelle is working hard at gathering herself back together again, both with materials and the will to start again. Go and check out her website, she is coming back real soon.

She also teaches classes in Art clay Jewellery, maybe you would like to make some beautiful silver jewellery yourself. This is one of the pieces I made in one of her classes. I think it might have been my second class. The classes are fun and productive and can be held with a group of friends right in your own lounge room.

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busy lizzie said...

Very nice combo there! PS I tagged you. check my blog for details. : )